FineScenery is up again

I'm happy to share the good news.

After half a year of coding work the massive redesign is coming to an end. Finescenery has moved to a new technology. Now you can see more collections, more pictures and more blogging.

The internal engine of the website is fully authored by me. This means that I'll be able to publish new features and improve viewers experiences when I have free time and not in the fields taking new pictures. So if you have suggestions or ideas for improvements please drop me a note here.

Initially Finescenery has run on a PHP open source package Gallery2 and then Gallery3. However it had been a mixed bag. Now the website has been reworked to utilize the latest technologies both from Microsoft on server side (.NET 4.5, LINQ, ASP.NET MVC) and client side (jQuery, Bootstrap).

Considering the huge amount of mobile devices out there I have built the site in a flexible and responsive design style resulting in all content being optimized for mobile screens when it is needed to. The images will be smaller in size which saves costly mobile bandwidth. However if you’re surfing the photos on a flat screen TV, you’ll get HD quality photos to enjoy the atmosphere of the landscapes I tried to convey.

Lastly I’d like to leave some credit due. My thanks go to those software enthusiasts who spend time and take care to develop the wonderful open source packages that helped me to build the site. These are:

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Date: 05/13/2014