About me

Happy Denis is looking at you.

At a glance

My name is Denis Darkin and this is the most personal corner of my website. I was born in Vladivostok, Russia but permanently moved to Sydney, Australia. I enjoy photographing natural landscapes and seascapes. The main theme that I try to convey through my photos is about the vastness, beauty and fragility of our nature. I’m particularly fond of oceans and seas, so if you are too, please browse through the dedicated Seascapes collection, preferably on a large monitor or an HD TV screen for greater experience.

I don’t consider myself a photo professional since I don’t make a living off photography. However I’ve done some commercial work including book and poster publishing, exhibits and large prints for private collections and offices. If you do like the images I showcase, please consider ordering a print or a digital licensed image by contacting me here. I’m a huge supporter of environmental education and nature conservation efforts so I provide images free of charge for these purposes only asking proper credit in return.

A bit of history

I’ve taken my first images at the age of 7 with a fully manual Smena-8M film camera, made in the USSR. It was unforgettable experience that sparked a passion. Unfortunately that camera did not last long. After almost 2 decades had passed, the first affordable DSLR has hit the market. It was Cannon 300D and I was back on the track.

After over 10 years of shooting various digital equipment I have 3 cameras at my disposal now, including Nikon D600, D700 and old horse Nikon D200 as well as many kilos of lenses. Reading histories and viewing images of the greatest outdoor photographers such as Ansel Adams, Galen Rowell and many others allowed me to grasp the idea that you can express very much through the lens of a camera. So please judge for yourself and let me know how you like it.